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Please tell me the story behind the formation of the band. How did it all started and some more about the other members?

JOHN: Tony, Dan, and Ray where playing in a band together with a different singer and guitarist. The guitarist quit and the singer followed shortly afterwards. Dan was also playing in a Dio tribute with Rob, they asked him to join and that was that. They spent about three months looking for a new singer when I saw there add in a local magazine. I answered the add, went to the audition and it was like we all knew each other for years, we all just clicked together. 



Where exactly do you come from and hows the Metal scene down there?

JOHN: Were from Chicago, Il.   The scene in growing and starting to do well around here again. The only problem is most shows are in bars so the younger crowd cant come out.



Whats your personal reason setting up a Metal band and how did you come up with the band name?            

JOHN: We had a list of names we all came up with, and we thought Edens Fall was the best. For me being in a metal band is a way of life. Its all the anger, all the hatred, all the sorrow in life focused into the music and turned into something positive. And then there is the underground community, its such a close knit environment, you always feel at home with everyone.



What about the releases so far? Title and how would you discribe the music on these recording(s)? If its possible to mention some influences, appreciate that!

JOHN: So far just a three song demo. Musically, I guess were a cross between Nevermore and Iced Earth. We have some technical stuff along with some thrash type stuff, there is even a little power metal in there.



The recordings were totally independent I suppose?

JOHN: Yeah, so far weve done everything on our own.



Any contacts with a major record company or plans for a full legth CD in the near future?

JOHN: Actually, were in the studio right now recording our first full length CD titled Harmony Of Lies Were planning on an early to mid-fall release. When its finished well shop it around and see what happens.



What is the writing process like within the band? Who writes most of the music and lyrics, do all members of the band share in the songwriting?

JOHN: The writing process with us is a real tedious and stressful environment, everyone has an opinion in the band and no one is afraid to share it. I write all the lyrics and melody lines. Me, Ray, and Rob write a lot of the riffs, then Rob and Tony work on them from there. 



Europe seems to have the monopoly on Heavy Metal bands right now. Is EDENS FALL part of a growing trend in American Metal?

JOHN: It looks that way. There are a lot of really good underground bands here in the states. Bands like Twelfth Gate, Souls Demise, Conquest, Premonition, Twisted Tower Dire, and October 31 to name just a few.



Whats the different between the US Metal and the European Metal scene or isnt there a different at all?

JOHN: It seems people in Europe appreciate metal more.



How far reaching do you believe that EDENS FALL music will be in terms of acceptance by the typical world-wide Metal maniac?

JOHN: So far, so good. We have enough different things going on in the music and with the vocals to appeal in all the metal genres. 



Whats your ultimate ambition or reaching goals with Edens fall?

JOHN: Release the first CD, get signed, and tour the world until we drop!



I will name some all round and well known bands right now. Not only Metal bands! A personal opinion while reading these names please?

Lynyrd Skynyrd:John: Good old southern rock, its not metal but they kick ass.


Black Sabbath: JOHN: they started it all, music didnt exist before Sabbath.


Led Zeppelin:JOHN: Legendary band but I really hate them.


Exodus:JOHN: I love this band ! Bonded by blood was one of the most influential metal albums of all time.


Iron Maiden: JOHN: One of my all time favorites. They helped form what metal is today.


Savage Grace: JOHN: Sorry, I have not heard this band yet.


Immortal: JOHN: Not my kind of metal.



Your favorite style of Metal and a few names please ?

JOHN: I dont really have a favorite style, as long as its good. Some of my fav.s are Nevermore, Testament, Iron Maiden, and Arch Enemy. 



Imagine, youve got the opportunity setting up a Metal formation with some kinda dream or favorite musicians of all times. In that case, how would be the line up looks like?

John: Warrel Dane (nevermore) on vocals, Alex Skolnick (ex-testament) and Mike Amott (arch enemy) on guitar, Steve Harris (iron maiden) on bass, and Jeff Christie (death, iced earth) on drums.



Can you tell me some more about touring and how are you guys on stage?

JOHN: We really dont get to tour,  we play mostly local and the surrounding areas. We do a little bit of travelling for some of the fests. On stage were pretty aggressive. 



If someday, the EDEN'S FALL tourbus will pass the Belgian Metal grounds, let me know OK! If you want something to add, just go ahead brother!

John: If we ever get to the point of being able to go to Europe and tour you have an open invitation to come out and do some serious drinking and head-banging with us!!!