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A talk with drummer EDSON GRASEFFI


Hail Edson, thanx for your time man! Alright, let's kick off the interview with a question that always coming backa briefing history about the band please.


I formed  Reviolence after my old band, Panzer, split up. I worked hard for two months searching and testing musicians for the new band.

Well, I found  the right guys and we started work in studio to make the tracks for the EP In Pieces. In Setember of 2003 we started record the EP, and we worked for two months till November.In December we putted the EP on line, and now we are working in new tracks for the first CD.



Those were the days with Brazilian Thrash bands like MX, SEPULTURA, OVERDOSE, WITCHHAMMER, SEXTRASH, MUTILATOR,...How's the scene nowadays, anything changes through the years?


We have one good scene here today, the scene is better before, with great professional bands, important magazines with give us all support, radio shows, one Metal TV show, and some  producers that are making a good work with Metal festivals. The biggest differences through this years, is that the people nailed to metal, like magazines and radios give us more and more support, this is very important for  any  bands  carreer, another thing important is the support that the brasilian metalheads give for the brasilian bands today , in the past only the bands of another countries had importance, but this mentality changed. I can tell for you that Sepultura is the great responsable for this.



Your favorite Metal bands are





Give me the full line-up please and who is playing what.


Today Reviolence is Leandro Meize (vocal), Pedro Lobão and Wal Animal (guitars), Thiago Grogia (bass) and  me Edson Graseffi (drums).



You were in another Brazilian Band called Panzer, right? The band decided to quit. What went wrong and how frustating is it to see a band split up.


Well, I played in Panzer for 10 years, 10 long years. This time was great for me because I learned many things about  this business, I travelled for many places,I played  together with many cool bands, grow up like people and made many friends.

We recorded two albums, and participated in some compilations around the world and we played in some great festivals in Brazilian underground. But I learned  too, that one best friend can put one knife in my  back. Really one great frustation for me, because I started that band together with my brother, Paulo Graseffi  . But all this is past for me ,now  Im working with a great musicians and friends, I have a new band and like some people said  for me, one bad thing that bring one good thing.Reviolence has a great receptivity of the people around the world, and this is more frustrations .....Im walking in the new and great way with Reviolence.


Youve really got a solid line-up now, no doubt about that, right?


Really, we have a solid line up now, where all members are working for the best in the band, and I can tell you, are very young guys with one great fire to burn, like we say in Brazil, with blood in eyes for work with the band.



Panzer stopped and a few years later youre back with a new Thrash band Reviolence. I know, Thrash Metal is burned in your heart and soul but the bandnameare you guys fans of 80s Bay Area Thrashers Vio-lence?


Yeah, I'm a great fan of Bay Areas Thrash Metal and of Vio-lence too, but  some people made questions like this for me, I wanna explain that I put this name in band because I wanted one name that bring the idea of my return in the scene, Im back in violent sound, and one great friend gave me, one day, the idea of this name. And I see this name like something strong and easy to remember and to be understand for any people in anywhere, a great name.



If somebody who wasnt familiar with the band was to listen to Reviolence,  would they have a fairly good idea of what your previous works sounds like? How would you compare it?


I can say that Reviolence is Thrash Metal with dramatic voices, today we have many bands that work under this style, like Nevermore. Is very curious because is a new way to see Thrash Metal songs.



You are obviously the heart and soul of the band. Did you have a vision of what you wanted to do when you formed Reviolence and do you think youve stuck to that vision?


Well, when I formed Reviolence, I had in my mind one diferent way in Thrash,

I played with  Panzer for 10 years the same musics in concerts, and I was dazed that  stuff. I wanted  something new.

Ok, the most easy way, was made one Panzers copy , but this wasnt cool for me.One day, one guy (Leandro) , that was a Panzer fan, searched  me for record the drums lines in demotape of his old band, and when I listened this guy singing I tought to myself....this guy is the singer that I need!!!...Well, I was searching for a frontman, and I had one in my frontoff.Some days after I made a phone call for him, I made the invite and he accepted.

This fact changed the ways of Reviolence, and I put my plans in pratice.



Whats the most important goal you want to reach or do you guys have   the intention to Thrash like and kick some asses. Playing just for fun and nothing more?


We are working for put the Reviolence's name in the scene, we never ll play only for fun, Metal is my life and for another guys too, and  Reviolence is one serious work, made with respect with the Metalheads  and with our roots.



Talking about your very Reviolence release now! The next couple of lines are yours to introduce that great three track EP. Tell the Metal To Infinity readers everything they have to know about that masterpiece. Actually, you really got a great production on the EP as well. The sound separation is great with a lot of guitar crunch and ripping solos. Who produced it?


Well, this work shows the start of Reviolence work, we have in this EP three tracks, produced in one studio specialized in Metal, you can see the photos in our website. The art work was made by Leandro, our singer , he is a graphic artist too.

We used one software called Nuendo in the record , the same software that Aerosmith recorded the last album.Many bottles of beer too, and many many cigarrets, that is like hell for me because I dont smoke.

The production was make by Héros Trench and Marcello Pompeu from Mr. Sound Studio. This guys are the better in Metal production in Brazil, they play too in the most famous Brazilian Thrash band called Korzus,one band so old and experient like Sepultura.

Because this, the guys has many experience in studio work, are masters of metal in record sessions.

And are great friends too, I always drink many beers with Heros and this guy have a terrible habit of burn me with him cigarrets, I guess if I go to  Siberia, into the ice , Heros ll  burn me....I have some scars in my arm because this, hahaha.



I got the impression that you guys wanted to create some songs with an old-school classic Thrash Metal vibe, maybe something you thought the world needed to hear right now.


Ok, this is our principal influence, the classic Thrash Metal , in special the Bay Areas Thrash, like the Testament's stuff. I have the same opinion, the world needs  violent musics again, violent sounds with melodics moments, if you check  songs of many bands like Testament, Forbidden, Anihhilator, you ll find this moments, and this is maybe the Reviolences way in Metal.



Did you guys get a good response so far?


The people around the world are enjoing our work, the feedback and respect for our work is great.


Are you already writing material for the next album?


Yeah, we are working in some tracks now, we have another tracks finalized, I can tell some titles for you, Limbolic Deep, one very heavy song that remember me Nevermore and Sanctuary, and one very fast song called Beyond the Silence with two drumbass work of hell.



The full EP is downloadable on the Reviolence website for free. Right down the URL where the Metal worshippers can do that.


The Ep are full for download, and the!!! We put the cover art too, for the people make the him EP in own home, the adress is:   .......I want say to people that after the download , sign our guestbook, or send me one message this is very important for us.



I suppose, youre hoping on a major record deal in the near future. How important is that for a band like Reviolence. How much thought and effort went into your search for a record label?


Like I did tell for you, we are working for the CD, but Im working too searching for a label, first in Brazil, after I ll search for a distribution or one label for release our CD in Europe.




Something that really makes you gonna puke in our word of Metal? A band or an experience..just name it and why.


I hate promoters that use the band like fools, thiefs..There are some guys that work  in Metal world for to gain money only, and the bands are the way for this, I hate this son of bitches. I was a victim too, in the Panzers times we had some problems in our last tour with the producer.


How are you guys during a live performance. Playing some cover songs or not?


Well, we are working in studio now, finishing the last tracks for the new CD, we have project in our heads for play some cover too, maybe one Judas Priest or Testament song.....another day we were saying about  play some Panzers stuff ( my old band), many people know this band here , and maybe play some this old stuff is a good idea.


What about the future?


Work, work, work.....and release our first CD, after ,find one manager for put us on the road. One band need show your action on stage for people.



Well, thanx so much doing the answers in the first place! I wish you all the very best with REVIOLENCE and Let There Be Metal Whatever It Takes. Any final comments?


I wanna thanx for all people in Europe for all support and respect for our music, this is really great, and I hope play in your country someday and drink many beers together the European Metalheads

Check our website,ok?


Stay Heavy