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A talk with

Where do you come from and tell me something about the Reckless Tide history so far? 

In short, we're a band out of Hannover although only 2 members, Olli and Henning, live there. Susi and Kai come from Braunschweig, Andrew from Sarstedt and Kjell comes from Neumunster north of Hamburg. Originally Susi, Kai and Olli formed the band and over a period of 2 years the others crossed paths and became the line up as it is now. More details are given in the band history on our Homepage.


Who are the current members in the band? 

Vocals: Andrew Troth & Kjell Hallgreen

Guitars: Susanne Swillus & Oliver Jaath

Bass: Henning Pfeiffer

Drums: Kai Swillus


Who or what makes you to set up a Metal band and what are the reaching goals? 

Basically setting up or joining a metal band is a matter of being totally comitted to metal and wanting to keep the scene alive, without new bands the music would die. At the same time its about having fun, creating something new then getting up on stage and presenting it to the public. Our goals are simpleTo have fun,the first business goal is to get a deal and to record the official full album. Hopefully well reach this goal towards the end of the year. 


Reckless Tide is a Thrash Metal band, right! Hows the rivalry inside the Thrash Metal scene in Germany? 

From what we've seen up until now there is no real rivalry, more of a family atmosphere. Everybody is in contact with everybody else and help each other with gigs. With the aid of the Internet there is a lot of communication, and meeting up backstage before and after a gig poses a lot of laughs. 


What is your favorite German Metal band at the moment and why?  

Andrew: From a personal point of view, but I think I speak for the rest of the band.KREATOR.

Its difficult but I think of all the last albums from German Bands that was the strongest. 


What about the influences and maybe some bands to compare with? Why? 

We've been compared to many bands and a mix of others, from Testament through to In Flames, from Metallica to Slayer, from Exodus to Helloween (!!) .We take our influences from all areas, and with our guitarists having two different styles we do produce a sometimes confusing and interesting mix. Our point of view is that we are a thrash metal band and nothing else. 


Tell me about the releases so far and how was the response on these albums? 

The only official release to date is our EP Insanity or Reality and we've been pleasantly surprised at the response. We've not had one bad review and have had only positive feedback, not only from the press but also from a couple of our peers in the thrash metal scene and of course the guys who visited our shows. The EP is nearly sold out and were unexpectedly having to re-press.

We released a track on and were top of the German charts for quit a time and also Made it to number 2 in Switzerland and into the top 10 of the French metal MP3 charts, so all in all we were happy with the outcome.  


Plans for a new album in the near future? 

We were back in the studio in may and recorded a promo-CD titled 7 minutes of Thrash. This had 2 new tracks and has also brought positive feedback. We're now waiting to see if a deal comes our way which is looking extremely possible and then its planned to be back in the studio at the end of the year to record the full album. 


Are you guys die-hard Thrash Metal maniacs or interested in some other styles of Metal too? 

We all come from different backgrounds and although thrash takes up a lot of our interest, we do also listen to all forms of metal, one member even listens to punk but I wont mention any names ;-) 


Any other ambitions besides playing in a Metal band? 

I think weve all got our secret ambitions outside of the band, but after the events of the last few months we are all putting 100% into the progress of RECKLESS TIDE and this takes up the lions share of our time and energy.   


What is your biggest experience with the band till now?  

Up until now I think the 2 experiences in the studio were the most memorable, or was it the hospitality from Chris (Couragous) and his girlfriend in Hanau?? Playing alongside Defleshed in Hannover??

Meeting some favourite metal musicians ??

Who knows. There will be a lot more experiences to come,and every time we go on stage there are highlights and something to look back upon.  


What makes it so special for you? 

It's all about having a good time and meeting people from a variety of backgrounds who are bonded together through a medium called METAL. It's also rewarding when our creations and performances are appreciated and a load of long haired men and women bang their heads at our concerts. 


If you got the opportunity to change something in our world of Metal, what would it be? 

The new Metallica album. 


Maybe some dreams or expectations you wanna see come true ? 

The album, to go on tour and to play Wacken Open Air. We all have our dreams, as for expectations, well thats up to us and the luck of the gods. We'll carry on working hard and who knows what will happen. I think as long as we give it our best shot then at least we can say that if nothing else weve proved to ourselves that metal is in our blood and we've had a lot of fun. 


If you got some special message for our readers, spit it out brother! 

Stay true, support the cause, and visit the concerts. There are a lot of great bands out there especially in the underground and if the concerts arent visited then there'll be no more concerts and the music will die out slowly. Then it's just a matter of time before everyone is buying commercial pop music and wishing the good old days were back.


Never give up, never give in.



Andrew & Reckless Tide.