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A talk with FRENZY and NATHALIE


Whats the story behind Mystery Blue? Some lines about the very beginning please?

FRENZY- The history of Mystery Blue goes back to the eighties. It started with a dream of two teenagers (one of them is me, of course!) who were listening to lots of bands like Status Quo, Black Sabbath, Iron Maiden, Judas Priest We first played on a classical guitar until we could get the money to buy our first electric guitars. After some years of solid rehearsal and composing, we toured a lot in France, Germany and Belgium, and supported bands like Motörhead, Def Leppard and Saxon.  


What about the line-up these days? Anything changed between then and now?

FRENZY- End of 1989, the band had a difficult period and most of the members didnt resist. So we had a few years break. But I never gave up because my passion for music was too strong. Heavy metal has taken hold of me, I just live for my band and Im sure I will have much more great experiences with Mystery Blue! And I think that at last I found the perfect line-up for Mystery Blue with the female top singer Nathalie, the mighty drummer Vince (ex Altar) and the crazy bassist Dany (ex Time Riders).


MB is a France band! Many years ago there were bands as: H-Bomb, Sortilege, Satan Jokers,ADX, Trust, Nightmare and ofcourse Mystery Blue. Is the Metal Scene in France still the same as during the eighties or not?

FRENZY- Of course not, in the 80s, we toured with most of these bands and it was really a great time for the French Metal scene. Nowadays there are so many different kinds of music which are called Metal, but there are very few bands that play real Heavy Metal like we love it!


What is for you the best place where Metal lives like nowhere else and why?

VINCE- Perhaps somewhere in space a hidden planet where Metal rules!!


For me personal, the eighties Metal scene took a special place in my heart and shall forever be. I bet you guys have that same spirit within, isnt it?

VINCE- Of course, it was the golden age of real good Metal music, but dont worry, Metal will rise again!!!


Name a few of you 80s faves of all time.

VINCE- Judas Priest, Iron Maiden, Ozzy Osbourne, Saxon, Accept, Helstar, Anvil, Wild Dogs, Grim Reaper, Krokus, MSGand so many more


When you looks back, what is the most greatful experience in the history of MB?

FRENZY- There are lots of good experiences, but the most surprising was when we were about going to see Saxon live in Strasbourg. We just wanted to start off when the phone rang, and it was the concert organiser asking us if we wanted to open for Saxon to replace Ozzy Osbourne who had problems crossing the French boarderwhat a great moment!!


Tell me some more about the MB releases so far.

FRENZY- In 1984, we released our album Mystery Blue as the first band signed by the French label Axe Killer Records. Two years later, Circle Of Shame came out under the label Dream Records. In 1998 we released Spirit Of Your Song, the first album featuring our female singer Nathalie.


Are they hard to find in Europe or isnt that a problem at all?

FRENZY- Yes, they are very rare to find. Mystery Blue and Circle of shame have only been released in vinyls. For the 3rd album Spirit of your song there are still a few available but its already a collector!


The release of your latest three track demo. How is it going and whos wrote the songs?

FRENZY- These 3 tracks recorded at the Jam Music studio in Pirmasens (Germany) are a foretaste of our upcoming album. In fact, we have just finished recording our new CD Metal Slaves and it is currently being mixed at the famous House Of Audio studios in Karlsdorf, Germany (so we expect to get a great sound). As to the material itself, all songs have been written by us and I think there are really good ones on this new album (some fast, some heavy, quite varied with great melodies). 

Can you tell me something more about the lyrics?

NATHALIE- The first track Dark Visions is a kind of atmospheric song (especially in the slow part of the beginning) about a subject which is very important to me: pollution and climate change

Roller Coaster Ride is a fast and furious track with extremely speed and heavy riffs expressing the way you can feel so high at one moment and so low at another, just like if life was a big roller coaster ride!

The last track Angel is a melodic Heavy Metal song in the classical way which tells the story of a good guy gone bad because of the negative reactions /actions of the people towards him its part of our everyday life.

When I write the lyrics for our songs, I like to talk about things which are important to me, I want to share my feelings, my opinions, my anguish or my joy. But I also like to make real stories with these elements (not just descriptions).


Whats the difference between the older MB tracks and the new ones?

FRENZY- Just like in the 80s, MYSTERY BLUE still plays true melodic and powerful Heavy Metal, but naturally with a more actual sound (but pure, without machines!!), and theres a female singer now...


Or you guys working at some new material for  a probably new upcoming album? Any record deal so far?

FRENZY- The new album Metal Slaves will come out very soon (in fact we are answering your questions from the House Of Audio Studios in Germany where the CD is being mixed). I think it will be the best ever Mystery Blue release and of course we hope to get a record deal but just wait and see


Is it possible to give some more details about the new songs? Im sure that the tunes are gonna be very Metal, right?

VINCE- Yes, youre right! This CD will contain 11 real Heavy Metal tracks, fast, furious but still melodic ones!


Some bands to compare with and what are the infleunces?

VINCE- I think our style is close to bands like Dream Evil, Rawhead Rexx, Sinergy, Cage, and we are often compared to the great Metal acts from the eighties like Judas Priest, Iron Maiden, Accept, Queensryche which are our major influences (Nathalie- with Ozzy Osbourne!!). 


How does a MB live performance looks like. I can imagine an explosive Metal blast on stage.

FRENZY- Yeah, we really come alive on stage, we just love to share our feelings with the fans and get crazy with them! We also like to add some pyrotechnical elements to our shows.


Well, than I hope to see you somewhere live on stage in the near future. Some final comments to the Metal To Infinity readers?

FRENZY- Yeah, it would be great to play in Belgium again to meet you all, you crazy Metal maniacs!

NATHALIE- Thanks a lot to Metal To Infinity and especially to you Stefan keep on supporting Heavy Metal forever!