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A talk with Guitar Mastermind

Marcel with his first band

First of all, thanx very much taking time doing this interview.

Let's kick off with some questions about your first band SPEEDICA! For all those not familiar with this band, some background information please.


Speedica was my first serious band, I was 16 years old when I joined them, that was back in 1988. So a long time ago. Speedica was a real old school thrash/speed metal band who asked me if I wanted to play guitar with them back then. I made a couple of demos with them and we got on two sampler cds. It was a fun time J



Who's idea raising up this 80s Speed/Thrash Metal band ?


Well the band was formed in 1983 by the brothers Heydendael (drums and bass)



Two releases which means a full length studio album and a live CD, both self financed I suppose!


We recorded a full length album in 1989, but we had not enough money back them to press the vinyl so we decided to make two demos from the recordings. And yes, Speedica never got a serious deal.



Was it hard during the eighties to get all the cash together making an album like you did?


We collected money the same way as every band does it, by playing gigs, selling merchandise and to lay in an amount of money per member.



Well, I've got both albums in my CD collection cause they are killer ones and that great big 80s Metal scene means a lot to me, even nowadays. That scene, I really carry on in my heart till the day I die. What's your vision when youre looking back to the eighties?


It is funny that some people still know me from Speedica, I mean that is a long time ago !! I followed a very different path since then, but I still think it was a great time, it was the time I grew up J



To hold on to that 80s tradition, you're a member of a Metal cover band named STORMRIDER and the songs I've heard so far are really all faves from the past. For you personal, how does it feel to play with a band playing all golden Metal tunes?


It is FUN J a great hobby for a musician like me, the gigs are always great, the public loves it so there is no reason for not doing it ;)



By the way, how are Stormrider at the mement, still exist or not?


Yes, still going strong ! see




Between Speedica and Stormrider is a long time, right! Tell me some more about all your other projects you were involved with.


Well, Speedica changed their name into Form in 1994 and made an album called I choose my own. In the same year I started the band Aura which was total different music, more symphonic rock with a metal edge. Aura changed their name into Lemur Voice in 1996 and we made two albums, Insights (1996, through Magna Carta label) and Divided (1999, through Telstar label). Lemur Voice disbanded in 2000. Then I started Sun Caged. As you can see my direction kinda changed into Progressive Metal back in 1994.



The way you handle a six string is amazing! How many hours a day do you spend playing that six string electric axe?


A lot J In the past I used to practise a lot, about 4 hours a day, nowadays I am more concerned to write songs and play nice melodies.



What's you biggest and favorite guitar player ever and why please?


I have to mention a few names here since it is not only one ;)


Allan Holdsworth: The master of legato playing, as if he plays saxophone on his fretboard, totally amazing !

Steve Morse: The master of diversity, he can play about everything you ask him.

Joe Satriani: Beautiful tone which influenced me a lot.

Steve Vai: The master of space age guitar.



Now talking about your new band SUN CAGED. Totally different than we used to hear from you. I mean, this is a more progressive Metal band. Is it hard for you playing another style of Metal?


The funny thing is that I already play progressive music since 1994 and have released several albums with Lemur Voice. So no, it is not hard for me, it is in my blood ;)



Something I dont know for sure Marcel! Is it true you just released a solo album with only instrumental guitar songs? If the answer is yes, a few words more about that project please.


Yes true. I wrote some instrumental songs back in 1998 to be able to participate in the dutch guitar contests. So I made a demotape with 4 songs on it. Later when I got through the finals of these contests and got my endorsement with Ibanez I had to write more songs to be able to play clinics, so I did. In 1999 I released my solo-CD Guitartalk totally by myself as a demo-CDR and sold them during clinics.  It had 9 songs on it. When we signed with Lion Music I asked Lasse if he would be interested to release the guitartalk CD in which he agreed, I recorded three extra songs and remastered all songs. I also had make new artwork for it. The CD is now released also by Lion Music.



All those previous mentioned bands. Which one do you prefer personally?


SUN CAGED with no doubt ! Finally a band with members who are all into the same vibe as I am, we all want the same, we all stand for the same, and we all want you to hear us !



Can you give me five bandnames you always will carry on in your Metal heart and why?


I guess when you say metal heart I should name metal bands so here we go:


1)     Metallica, one of my biggest influences in the 80s

2)     Meshuggah, one of my more recent influences

3)     Iron Maiden, still one of the best bands out there

4)     Pantera, awesome guitarriffing

5)     Dream Theater, they changed the world for me back in 1992



Thanx anyway doing this interview, so if you want something to say to our readers, go ahead!


If people want to know more about me and my bands just go to my internet site:


Make sure you check out the Sun Caged album and my solo album !

And thank you for this interview !