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Interview KALEDON

A talk with


Can you give us a summary of how KALEDON came to be, where you come from, for those who aren't familiar with the band?

Hi, my name is Alex Mele, and I am the lead guitarist and the founder of the band. Kaledon was born at the end of 1998, and after many line up changes with has arrived to the current line up. We have realized four demos, two official albums in 2002 and 2003, one Manowar tribute album (with the song COURAGE), and one forthcoming Stratovarius tribute album (with the song FATHER TIME). We are from Rome (Italy).


Who are the band members and whats their job in the band?

Alex Mele: lead guitars
Claudio Conti : lead vocals
Tommy Nemesio : rhythm guitar
Paolo Lezziroli : bass
Daniele Fuligni : keyboards
David Folchitto : drums


Do you guys have a daily job besides acting in a Metal band?

Unfortunately yes.........for the moment we dont live from our music!!!!


Where did you get the name Kaledon from? Is it some kinda religious name or am I wrong?

Kaledon is only the name of the reign of our story....Our albums are based on a concept story that I wrote some years ago. At the end there will be six chapters and obviuously six albums....


I'm curious about the Metal scene in Italy nowadays. Do you have any underground scene happening there at the moment? A few names please.

In Italy there are tons of Metal bands.... very enormous number of bands!! Some names are DGM, STORMLORD, CENTURION, DESDEMONA, HIGHLORD, PROWLERS, HERALDRY and many others......


What's your opinion of the momentary Metal-scene world-wide?

I love very much the world-wide Power Metal scene. For me its a great moment for the Metal music, and I hope the it can remain the same for a long time.


What are some of the main influences for KALEDON? Ive read something about Rhapsody or Iron Maiden influences. Is that correct or not?

The band is influenced by Iron Maiden!!! Ahahahahahah, we love many kinds of Metal music, we love band like Stratovarius, Gamma Ray but also Queen, Genesis, Deep Purlpe and many others.


Tell us a bit about how a typical KALEDON song is constructed. What immediately strikes me about your music and whos the songwriter?

Kaledon's songs are very different in respect with the normal power songs. We do many kinds of Metal in the same album. Im the principal songwrtiter, but Claudio Conti (vocals) give me a big helping hand with the songwriting stuff. We use the classical structure, bridge, chorus, ... 


What about the subjects of the lyrics?

All lyrics are based on the LEGEND OF THE FORGOTTEN REIGN SAGA. It's a medieval story, full of kings, dragons, swords and other stuff..... read it on


You guys have two albums out so far. Can you tell me some more details about both releases.

Well....the first album was named Legend Of The Forgotten Reign Chapter 1 : The Destruction and was released in 2002 through Northwind Records

The second album was named Legend Of The Forgotten Reign Chapter 2: The Kings Rescue, and was released in 2003 through the same label.....

The third album will be named legend........ Chapter 3: The Way Of The Light and will be released between July/September 2004.


What's your personal fave of them both and why?

If you talk about the favourite song of both albums I think "Desert land of warriors" from the first album, because it's a very good live song, and "Sscape from the jail" from our second release because is a very epic and strong song.


So, actually all the Kaledon members are satisfied with the final results?

Yes. the current results are very good! We have many fans in many countries of the world....Japan, Germany, Spain, French, Poland, Chile, Venezuela, etc, etc,...Our fans have created for us many official strangers web site! See the links at our web site


Who produced the albums and, what were some of your main concerns during the producing progress?

For what concernes money the production was our stuff, for the recording studio was Temple Of Noise studios with Christian Ice at the console!!! Actually he did a very good job.  


Unfortunately, the media attacks bands while spreading really bad reviews. OK, its their own expression but how do you handle such negative CD reviews.

I must be honest.....the review is a negative thing!!! For example if you'll write a negative thing about me because you don't like my music, many guys will not buy our music. I think that the best way to know if you like a band or not should be listening the album at the local CD shops so you you can hear the album, and after all you can decide to buy the album or not. That's my idea about that!


What's next in line, I mean can we expect a new album in the near future ? Any new songs coming up?

At this time we have seven new songs ready to be reorded!!! We will start the new recording sessions in May 3 - 2004 in a new recording studio.

Does the band ever get any live shows? How do the crowds take to your music in the live setting?

Yes... we played in many clubs, and lots of  little theater in here in Italy...but after our third releas we will go in one European tour !


Name of few Metal bands you always shall carry on in your heart till the day you die. Why these?

Queen Queen Queen !! love very much that band and I think that you know the reason!!!
Who doesnt like queen???? I love brian may GUITAR STYLING............


What does the future hold in store for KALEDON?

In the next future you will have our third album, the Stratovarius tribute album with our "Father Time" version, and somewhere in 2004 our first DVD.


I wish all of you good luck with Kaledon and thanx very much for your time! Do you have any final words for the readers?

Stefan, thanks for your friendship and for your interesting in KALEDON!! A big hail to all your readers and....MAY THE DRAGON BE WITH YOU FOREVER....Alex Mele