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Interview FURTHER LO

A talk with


Can you give me a brief history of your band please. Who are the bandmembers, where you come from and stuff like that.

Arron Warner (vocals, keys): The band was founded in 2001 by guitarist Randy Reynolds and Donnie Davis. I joined the summer of 2002. After moving away DrummerTurk Elliott re-joined the band in the spring of 2002 and  bass player Ron Cardwell joined the band in the fall of 2003. We come from Columbus Ohio in the USA. We signed to Power Play Records in the summer of 2003 and have just released our  self- titled debut cd on that label. Randy, Ron, Turk and I had another band by the name of Soul Destruction for many years. We have all worked together in one way or another for many years now. 



Actually, what does the band name, FURTHER LO mean?

Arron: The name Further Lo was actually the title of a song that we had in Soul Destruction. It was spelled" further low "The song was about the viewpoint  of a man who was a heroin addict and end up overdosing and dying. The song was written from what i imagined to be his pathetic point of view. When Randy and Donnie form this band they adopted the name and change the spelling. the name is quite ambiguous but if it means anything, it is about immersing yourself into your own world and nort being influenced by the herd of humamity. It champions indiviualism. 



What did you want to express with it?

Band : We want the listener to get out of the name and songs whatever they want to get. 



What exactly is the main goal putting up an underground Metal band?

Band: Playing Metal music and making a living at it is something we have allwanted to do all of our lives. We love this style of music and want to express ourselves in this way. 



How important is this kinda sort of music in your own way of living?

Arron: I know that presonally, music is extremely central to my life and i'm quite sure that i speak for the other guys in the band as well. 



What's your favorite Metal music anyway? Why and a few names please?

Arron: We all share a number of the same favorite bands like Slayer,Corrosion Of Conformity,Black Label Society,Judas Priest. I know Turk and Randy especially are big fans of Voivod. My favorite band in the world is and always will be ac/dc.they were the first band that i heard and i have been a fan since the i heard them ,Bon Scott is one of my biggest heroes. 



When you're not playing with the band or recording, what do you like to spend your spare time doing?

Arron: I have a seven year old son that i spend as much time as i can with . He loves video games , so i play alot of them .I also like to surf the net and watch old horror and science friction movies. I also collect old horror comics as well.

Turk: spend as much time as i can with my wife and kids

Ron: Hang out and watch tv. 



OK Let's talk about your new album which is an awesome piece of Metal to me, sure it is! Is this Further Los debut album or not?

Arron: Yes it is our debut debut on Power play records . We had a 4 or 5 song demofloating around , but that was mainly for promotional tool. We are signed to to Power play records for laest one more album and hopefully more to come. 



Give the Metal To Infinity readers some detail information about that killer album please.

Arron: It was recorded at Relay studios in the Columbus suberb of bexley, Ohio. The engineer was Jon fintel who was referred to us by the American indie rock band Denvon. It was recorded in the summer of 2003 (julyand august). The label master it out of town . It contains 10 songs and 2 bonus tracks from the band's demo days before i joined the band with Donnie singing on them. 



One thing that I feel gives your music an edge over other bands is the excellent voice of Aaron Werner!  Was he singing in other Metal before joining FL?

Arron: Thank you very much ! I have been singing all of my life and have been active in bands since 1994. I was the singer in Soul Destruction with Randy, Ron, Turk for about six years and recently played keyboards and sang backup vocals in the band acheron. To me, the vocals are just a small part of the equation that makes up the band though i feel that the other guys in the band are the backbone. 



Does the other members playing in other bands before?

Arron: Donnie was in a great band in columbus call hybrid nation. Turk, Randy, Ron and myself was in Soul Destruction together. 



Do you find sung sections harder to write than the other passages?

Arron: So far the music has come fairly easy. We tend to fine tune our song over and over again , so they are always a work in progess. 



I can hear so many different styles of music amongs the FL songs! Every single track on the album sounds great and not one is equal to another. Whats the progress making songs like this?

Band: We simply write what comes out . We all have many different influences and we try to splice them all together as much as possible.

Arron: The music is written first and as i said before all of the guys are very stylish in their writing so it dosen't take me long to establish a mood for the song.  



Who's the songwriter in the band and a few words about the lyrics if you like.

Arron: I write about 95% of the lyricsto the songs. The lyrics are more or less just a self- expression of diffrent feelings that i have. I  write about personal experiences and i try to make the lyrics ambiguous enough that the listener can find his or her own interpretation of them. 



Are you pleased with the final results of the new album, or is there anything you think could have been?

Arron : We are very pleased with the album . Of course there are always things that in hindsight you would do diffrently , but for the first album from this band we feel we made a good showing. 



How did you get involved with Jim from POWER PLAY RECORDS?

Arron: Our manager sent out a promotional package with a demo , jim at Power Play contacted him and it developed from there.



Can you give me an address where the MTI readers can order the new album?

Arron: Everyone can order the CD on line at   



How's the popularity world wide or do you guys just saying Fuck that, its not important to us!

Band :Well , obviously we want as many people as possible to hear and enjoy the CD , but we are also realistic about our aspiration. we know that critical and mainstream recongnition are practically im possible to achieve simply because of the type of music that we play, but we want to take this band as far as absoolutely possible . We could care less about being rock stars on mtv.To answer your first Question though , the CD seems to be selling well fairly well , we are number 5 on the most distributed Power Metal albun on the German distribution site in  



Are any of the Metal To Infinity readership going to be able to see you on tour in the near future? Maybe Europe???

Band: We are talking with some promoter right now for a posible european tour sometime mid to late 2004. 



OK, cross my fingers and hope to see you someday, somewhere! Thanx for your precious time anyway, keep on delivering the Metal goods and some final words are up to you.

 Band: We all hope that everyone enjoys our CD and hope to see you all soon!!