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Interview EXILED

A talk with


Can you give me some briefing history about EXILED?
JOHN: Exiled was formed about 5 years ago under the Cason (my last name) we were all headed for a metal direction, so we thought the name should be more of a band thing. So we then called the band Night Stalker, later switching to Exiled. And playing as many clubs as possible. 

Since how long is Exiled a full Metal unit?
EROL: Ha,Ha, it was never anything else but Metal, we had different number of members in the band, three, four or five but it's always as heavy and melodic as we can make it.........

What makes you inspired to put up a Metal band?
EROL: Well, I personally never thought that I would be in the band, I use to play guitar just for myself and it took a lot of time for my friends to encourage me and to talk me in to being in a band.....After I felt that feeling of accomplishment, that feeling of making other people happy with your music - there was no way back......

How would you describe your style of music and what about the influences?
EROL: The songs or the parts that I make have to be melodic and heavy, my goal is to give my listeners goosebumps, I want listeners to stop doing whatever they are doing and say "Wow, this is good". The bands that do this for me are: Flotsam and Jetsam, Judas Priest, Heloween, Running Wild, Sodom, Kreator, Whiplash, Primal Fear, King Diamond, Kamelot, Death, Pantera......

Some special reason for choosing EXILED as band name or just a name like many others?
EROL:  We had few names, one of them was Night Stalker, I remember somebody from Metal Blade records mentioned that it was kind of too long so we started looking for shorter name....Song Exiled (From the first album) is my personal experience, I was a refugee, exiled from my country (Bosnia).......Of course I would not impose that to the rest of the band and did not really have any intention to make that the band name, but somehow everybody agreed that it would be a short and sharp name...and it stayed.....

Your first album was released on Hellion from Germany. How get an American band involved with a German Record company?
JOHN: We did the usual sending out of demo's, and we finally hit it good when Hellion Records liked what they heard. It was really good news when we read the first e-mail from them, stating that they liked what they heard, and would like to work with us. 

I just read you guys have a new album out, once again an Hellion release?
JOHN: Yes, they have released a vinyl from our first cd, with four bonus tracks from the new cd titled Fortune Teller. It is a limited edition with only 500 vinyls released. They are very cool too, half our blood red, and the other half are clear. We look forward to another vinyl release.

Can you tell me some more about that new CD?
JOHN: Well, it is powerful as ever. No bullshit three chords crap. Am I allowed to use bad words in this interview? Anyway, the songs have true meaning to them, for example, False Identity, is clearly about the almighty chip in the skull that we are ever so fearing. Erol's guitar work is great as usual, the vocals are powerful, NOT talking and out of key. Drums are powerful and so is the bass. This album displays metal, not "nu metal" or whatever it is.  This NU Metal Stuff is not metal, they need to call it something else.

Can you compare the album with some other Metal bands ?
EROL:  I guess that we are trying to mix some heavy, melodic and sometimes fast music with melodic and John's powerful vocals.......From the time I heard John's voice I had a vision and a goal of surrounding it with power and agression....So imagine Iron Maiden vocals mixed with Death or Pantera riffs.......That's the direction I am pushing........I think our second album is showing that much more then the first one.......

What are your personal faves at the moment and why?
JOHN: I can answer this question for the band. Well, as Erol mentioned earlier in the interview, Pantera, Death, Rob likes Cradle of Filth, because this is playing metal. For example, double bass, fast guitar, and powerful vocals. They are just different. Our drummer Sage is into a harder edge sound such as Napalm Death, and personally I love Iron Maiden's latest album, and I am sure there next one well be great as well.

Do you spent a lot of time in the rehearsal room? How many hours a week?
JOHN: Yes we do. About three times a week, 2 to 3 hours at a time. It may not seem like much, but you feel in the summer months in Arizona when it is 115 degrees. You can have 3 air conditioners, it does not matter it is still hot....

Tell me something about playing live gigs. Is there a special place you always wanted to play and why?
JOHN: Actually Europe is the place. Metal is respected in Europe.

A chance to see guys here in Belgium someday?
JOHN: We sure hope so. We will play there as soon as our record sales go up, and if the right promoter can put us in the right place.

Talking about reaching goals with Exiled. Some future plans?
JOHN: We will start working on a third cd very soon, and keep the metal force alive.

OK, than I hope everything may come true and I wish you and the other Exiled members all the best. Maybe a final comment to our readers?
We would like to thank all of you who have supported us, and bought our cd. Hope to see you soon.