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Interview BLACK ROSE



Thanx for your time in the first place! How did BLACK ROSE get started as a band? 

It was Anders who started the band in the first place. Since then there has been a few changes in the band, and now we have the current line-up. 


What makes you driven to start up a Metal band? 

We like that kind of music, and we think it's fun playing music. 


What are you're interests outside of music? 

We're only interested in music. And sports of course (Magnus) 


Can you give me a musical discription and mention a few bands to compare with if thats possible. 

We like to have a good riff and a strong hook in our songs. Sometimes we are compared to bands like Rainbow, Yngwie Malmsteen, Europe and so on. 


What was the circus of the early 90s Metal scene really like from your experience? 

We just kept playing and having a good time. 


Any standout and/or amusing moments from these early days that you would like to share? 

No special moment, but it was always amusing and fun. 


Is there a different between the Metal scene then and now? tell me about it please. 

There isn't that much of a difference, because Hard Rock and Heavy Metal are coming back again. 


What do you think about the music scene in England and do you believe there is anything that could be done to change it for the better? 

We don't like the music scene in England. We're sure they have some great bands over there, but you never get to hear about them. 


What is your opinion on the ever increasing emphasis on technology in music (i.e. computers, midis, various machines in place of instruments, etc.)? Do you view the advent of technology as a good thing or bad, in that while perhaps giving the music more polish et al, does it take away from its purity? 

If the technology is there, use it. It just depends on what you want to do with your music. 


Give me a short briefing about the Black Rose albums so far. 

We've only released one album on the Shark label, and it's a pretty varied one. We have everything from metal songs to ballads. 


Finally the new album is out right now! What can we expect from the new album in terms of what genre it will fall under?  

We are about to release our second album on Shark, titled "Explode". The title really says it all !!


What do you see the next ten years bringing to music? (i.e. what additional features, aspects, etc.) 

Well, we don't really have a clue. 


If you could have done one thing differently in your career thus far, what would it be and how would you change it? 

We don't really have any regrets at all.


Looking back over the years, the decade and the millenium...what do you feel to be the most important musical moments in history? 

Everyone has different opinions about that. 


Any expectations for the future? 

Just to keep on playing and recording new great music. 


Finally, any parting comments for your fans around the world?  

Be prepared for our second CD Explode! (It will)....Explode will be released on the Shark Records label in jan/feb 2004.