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A talk with


Hi Fabio! Thanx for taking time doing this interview in the first place.

Tell me who you are and where you come from .


You're welcome ! Thanks to Infinty Belgium for the attention to Anthenora. We're a classic heavy metal band from Italy.

This is our history in few words: were born in 1990 as a classic heavy metal band under a deep influence of metal masters as Judas Priest, Iron Maiden, Black Sabbath, Saxon. In 1992 and 1993 we released 2 demo tapes called "Bring Me To Hell" and "Heretical Symphonies", recorded at the Dracma Studios of Turin. From 1995 we played a great number of gigs in Italy either as original-songs-band or as Iron Maiden Tribute band, becoming one of the best Italian maiden tribute band. In the last years we have played all around Italy opening also the gigs of Paul Di Anno (ex maiden singer), the Italian power band Domine ( and kiko Loureiro (Angras guitarist). The new ep, called The General's Awakening, has been recorded at Remaster Studios Vicenza (Italy) on april 2002 and produced by Tony mad FontÚ, leader of the well known Italian metal band White Skull ( In november 2002 we supported Nicko Mc Brain The drummer of Iron Maiden - on his Tour in Italy, playing with him on 7 gigs through the country. The experience has been done again on april 2003. This has been a so exciting experience!! Believe me! 



Introduce the other fellow band members please.


The others guys of the band are:

Luigi Bonansea (vocals)

Stefano Pomero (Guitar)

Gabriele Bruni (Guitar)

Stefano Balocco (Bass)

Fabio Smareglia (Drums)


Each member of Anthenora has its favourite bands: Luigi likes Iron Maiden, Helloween, Grave Digger; Stefano (guitar) is born and lives under the teutonic speed metal: Gamma Ray and Mr. Kai Hansen, Helloween, Rage, Iron Savior, Grave Digger, Gabriele likes Iron Maiden and Rage Against the Machine (i dont believe it...Ah!!Ah.Ah!); Stefano (bass) likes Iron Maiden, Black Sabbath and all the 80's heavy metal; and for me (fabio) the best bands from here to eternity are and will be Iron Maiden, Saxon, Helloween from Walls of Jericho and Running Wild.



What kinda Metal band is ANTHENORA exactly and a few words about the influences .


Anthenora is a classic heavy metal band, cause we dont use keyboards and  we have a powerful, not to fast way of play metal.

Our influences are in the 80's and this means, as i said before, that weve been influenced by Iron Maiden, Saxon, Judas Priest, R.J. Dio, Grave Digger, Accept.



Who or what inspired you to set up a Metal band?


We decide to start playing together we were teenagers listening lps like Life after death, Powerslave, Somewhere In Time, Denim And Leather, Walls Of Jericho, Keeper Of Tthe Seven Kkeys, etc.

Listen, there's a very important thing: 3 members of Anthenora have been toghether from 1986 till now!!!!!!!!!!!!!

And  so: two things inspired us to set up a metal band: a strong feel of brotherhood and the metal scene of the 80's.



Is playing in a Metal band some kind of a dream thats fullfilled?


Yes, of course. And the last two tours we made with Nicko Mc Brain from Iron Maiden on drums were the dream thats come true!!!!



What about the releases so far?


We've recorded two demos in the early 90's, Bring Me To Hell (1992) and Heretical symphonies (1993). Then we have played every day and every night. Till last year, when we decide to record an ep called The General's Awakening. This ep will soon have a child cause the next september well start the record sessions of our first full length cd. 



Any plans with a major record company and which one do you prefer ?


This is an hard question!!! Of course we try to get in touch with the majors, but now its very difficult. So well start to promote our cd beginning from the underground and then we'll see!!



I was wondering what ANTHENORA really means.  I'm sure you can help me out .


Well, Anthenora is a name taken from the most important work of the Italian  poet Dante Alighieri, The Divina Commedia. In this work, Anthenora is one of the circle of hell, a place of Inferno (hell),  one of the three reign beyond life described by the italian writer Dante Alighieri. We liked the sound of this name and so we have decide to use it for our band, not giving to this word a special meaning. The name Anthenora could you remind hell, but its only a word. We are not a satanic band as someone could think.



How's the Italian Metal scene at the moment ? The last few years lots of bands came out and play that Metal thing as never before. The Italian Metal scene grows on and on. Explane please.


Playing heavy metal in Italy is not easy. Our cultural mediterranean traditions walks the paths of other kind of music: more melodic.  Fortunately, in the last years, the italian metal scene has grown up following bands such as Rhapsody, Labyrynth and Domine. But this scene is now full of power metal band, few bands play classic metal. And Anthenora is proud to be one of them. 



I dont know for how many years you are into Metal, but I want you to ask to tell me some more about your personal faves. Give me five names that you carry on in your Metal heart.


Nicko Mc Brain, Steve Harris, Kai Hansen, Cozy Powell, R.J. Dio.

As you Know weve been into metal for many years!!!!! ah.ah.



Now talking about the future. What are the plans for the next couple of weeks, months, years?


One of the guitarist Stefano Pomero is going to marry his girlfriend and so we wont play gigs this summer cause he will fly to mexico for the wedding travel. When hell be back, well start to record the new cd and then well be ready to conquer the metal world. Ah.ah. Im jocking dear friend. But one thing is sure: you will hear again the name ANTHENORA! 



How is ANTHENORA on stage? What was the greatest gig so far?


We are a furious band that spread energy to the fans. We have an inner metal heart that burns on stage and leave it to reach the fans. Go to see our photos on stage on our website 



Possible to meet you on Belgian ground some day?


Yes, we hope to play in your country someday.



Well, I wish you and the rest of the band all the best and if you want to say something to our readers, go ahead!


Thanks so much to you, to all the Belgian headbangers. We hope to see you soon dear friends. If you want to know more about Anthenora visit the site or write us at