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Interview GUN BARREL

A talk with ROLF TANZIUS


Can you tell us something about the very beginning of GUN  BARREL? How did it all started Rolf?    

Here is the guitar player Rolf and i will tell you everything that you want to know. It all began in 1999. I was seeking for new guys to start a Rock'n'Roll/Metal band again. I found GUIDO Feldhausen (an old friend of mine with whom i have already played in a band called SPECIAL GUEST) for the vocals, a bass player called Willi and a drummer called Florens. We made a demo "Bomb Attack" and started with live gigs. Holger Schultz became the new bass player in 2000 and we recorded the EP "Back To Suicide". After which we got the deal with Limb Music Products. Toni Pinciroli became the new drummer shortly thereafter and we recorded "Power-Dive", our debut album, which was released in April 2001. We played gigs in germany, France, The Netherlands and Italy. Now our second CD "Battle-Tested" is released and we are touring........well, the Rock'n'Roll circuit!  


Since how many years are you involved in the Hard Rock and Metal scene

Oh..i was born in a Rock and Roll cradle, hehe..i heard hard music since i was eleven and it's my life and my daily run off. Guido and the other two guys for ten and fiveteen years ago.   


Talking about your debut album "Power-Dive". A lot of eighties Hard Rock and Metal influences from bands as AC/DC, Iron Maiden and even Motorhead. I guess this is kick ass fun to play some kinda tunes!

Yeah, it's a lot of fun to play this music. It's party in the studio, It's a party at live gigs. You are always in a very good temper. "Power-Dive" was our first step into the Rock'n'Roll "fun and beer league".      


Tell us about the GUN BARREL lyrics. As long as there is beer, woman and a Rock and Roll attitude, you can write lots of songs, isn't it? By the way, who's the songwriter in the Gun Barrel camp?

Guido writes the lyrics and there's no other theme like beer and woman when you play Rock'n'Roll. You can not sing about a forlorn life when you have a kick ass band. I'm the songwriter in the band and after the band has heard my riffs and tunes we all start to work on it and finish it together! 


A few months ago, your second album entitled "Battle-Tested" was a fact! Satisfied about the results?

Battle-Tested is our next step into the future!   


What's the biggest difference between both albums?

At the time when we recorded our first album, we were studio greenhorns. And because we got Sacha Paeth and Olaf Reitmeier for Power-Dive, we found no sleep and we were very nervous. Meanwhile we know how we can make a party in the studio, hehe...Piet Sielck and Uwe Lulis are two friendly, funny guys. It was a lot of fun in Frankfurt and Hamburg, unforgettable, after these sessions we were "Battle-Tested".   


What is your favorite track on both albums and why?

We love all our songs because you can paly every song live! My favorites are Power-Dive, Battle-Tested, Rebel Tune, Gate Of God, Lonely Rider, Scream Of The Killer and.......Oh, i see, i love all our songs!     


As far as i know Gun Barrel...I suppose that your live shows must be very rough. I mean, the Heavy/Rock attitude must be very unique on stage these days. Not so many bands plays the way you guys are doing nowadays.

Yes, our shows a full with a lot of energy and sweat ( that's the reason for our slim bodys). We had a lot of success meanwhile with our shows. You are correct, it's unique! Wetry to celebrate a Rock'n'Roll kick ass party at every show.        


Any shows in mind for the summer months, some festivals planned?

Yeah, we will play some regional festivals in germany. A big one for example is the "Flower Power festiva" at Oelde. 12.07.2003. We are close to playing 26 shows this year, with probably more to come. For further details and information, please check our site at:       


Beside playing in Gun Barrel, any other life style interests or not?

I want to be a priest!!! It's true....A METAL PRIEST, hehe...    


Something totally different now. We see a lot of pain and misery in this world of today, right! What is your vision on that kinda situations Rolf?

As long as our world is rotating, we live always at a powder keg. That's the sad part of it. You can not stop all the fanatics and the big war machine. You can only make the best for your life!   


In fact, fat politicians do their own things just to protect thereselves and we have almost nothing to say. Can you live with it or doesn't bother this situations you at all?

We have sung about it in a few songs like, The Raven, Scream Of A Killer, Gate Of God,...but we are not so mighty like a politician. We only can make a good time for our fans and for us and we can only hope: "NO WAR".  


OK, back to reality now and that's our music, right! Let's talk about the future. Can we expect a third album from Gun barrel? Around when and will it be once again the same style? How far can you go with your kinda no-nonsense Rock'n'Roll?

We have a lot of new songs for our third CD. I hope and i think it's the GUN BARREL sound. We have our fun and we have a lot of new fans because we are GUN BARREL and we will be GUN BARREL for the future!    


Then we wish you all the best with everything you do in the future and if you got something to say to our readers, just go ahead brother and spit it out!

We wish you and your readers all the best, no war, no sickness, no liver complaint, no jealous women, freedom for all beer drinkers: FIRE YOUR GUNS...Hope to see you on tour!                                    

A special thanx to NICO from HELLSPAWN who made this interview possible. Really appreciate it brother!! You can check the dutch version of this interview on his own website:


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